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Watch Neerja 2016 full hindi movie online

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Watch Neerja 2016 full hindi movie  online
Neerja full movie 2016 watch online 
Neerja full movie 2016 watch online 
Full Hindi movie neerja

Screenplay by Saiwyn Quadras
Starring Sonam Kapoor
Shabana Azmi
Shekhar Ravjiani
Kavi Shastri

Watch Neerja 2016 full hindi movie online

Plot:Watch Neerja 2016 full hindi movie online , Neerja full hindi movie online

The film opens with Neerja Bhanot, 22 years old, arriving (late) for a house party. She is a lively, vivacious and bubbly girl, loved by everyone, the life of every party. Later that evening her mother expresses concern once again about Neerja’s job as a flight attendant and suggests Neerja return to her old job of modeling. Salman Khan gets death threat call by an anonymous phone caller Neerja likes her job and is driven to the airport by her boyfriend Jaideep. (Her mother is not totally thrilled about this either.) Neerja’s colleagues love Jaideep, he adores her and gives her an advance birthday present. As Neerja boards Pan Am 73 (Sep 5, 1986) it is revealed that a terrorist group has planned to hijack the plane in Karachi. The plane takes off from Mumbai and lands in Karachi where the terrorists board the plane disguised as security officers escorting a Libyan diplomat. They reveal themselves and hijack the plane. Neerja quickly alerts the cockpit and the American pilots escape through the overhead hatch and run into the terminal. (The plane cannot be flown

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