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Sadanga Nepali Movie 2015

Sadanga Nepali Movie 2015

‘Sadanga’ is a gangster movie directed by Suraj Sunuwar. The movie featuring top actors in theater and Nepali film industry is a dark comedy crime movie. The movie is about a powerful and rich man with a sexy and seductive girlfriend, played by Priyanka Karki. He has two employees – one tough and ambitious gangster and the other a playboy type of guy. The movie features the story of money, lust and relationships. It contains a plot about a man who is very powerful and rich, his beautiful, sexy and seductive girlfriend and his two employee, a tough and ambitious gangster and his casanova friend.Their fates interwind and things get complicate when greed, lust and deception takes it’s toll. Sadanga Nepali Movie 2015, Sadanga Nepali Movie 2015, Sadanga Nepali Movie 2015, Sadanga Nepali full Movie online,Nepali full movie sadanga

Saugat Malla is an Nepalese actor; popular for the role of Hakku Kaley with few popular dialogues and typical Newari accent in the movie Loot. He is one of the notable Nepali Actor in the Nepali film industry who starred in the hit 2008 Nepali Movie Kagbeni. After he gained critical recognition for his work he was signed for movie Loot by Nischal Basnet. He became widely popular after his astonishing work in movie Loot and also considered one of the excellent modern era actors in Nepal. He has done numerous movies in Nepali Film industry and well known by his role as’Hakku Kale’ across Nepal. His famous phrase ‘ Ball haina pasa dimag laga which translates as (Use your mind my friend not force) in English became a popular catchphrase and is still used widely among teenagers and youngsters in Nepal. He is currently working on Upcoming Nepali movies and says ‘ He will do best of his ability’ In nepali movie industry, actor Saugat Malla has been successful in presenting him with a new appearance in most of his movies. In the movie Sadanga, Saugat Malla can be seen in a different role with a differnt accent. Sadanga is a gangster thriller movie all set to release on March 27, 2015. This movie also features the captain Bijaya Lama and Sauran Raj Tuladhar. Sauram Raj Tuladhar’s debut movie Zindagi rocks was released recently but the movie was not successful in the box office. Tentative Released Date: March 27, 2015 [Chaitra 13 2071 B.S.] Cast: Saugat Malla, Anup Baral, Priyanka Karki, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Bijaya Lama (Experienced Pilot, actor) Special Appearance: Harshika Shrestha – See more

Actress Harshika Shrestha is also featured as an item girl in the movie. With ‘Sadanga’ another new movie ‘Bhool Bulaiyaa’ was also released in theater (read the FON profile of ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’).
Nepali movie – Shadanga
Release date – March 27, 2015
Starring – Bijaya Lama, Anup Baral, Saugat Malla, Priyanka Karki, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Nabin Manandhar, A. Gurung
Director – Suraj Sunuwar
Cinematographer – Narendra Mainali
Music composer – Sujendra D Karki
Banner – Luminous Pictures
Choreography – Govinda Rai
Editor – Nimesh Shrestha
Script writer – Suraj Sunuwar
Producer – Samir Sunuwar
Production Manager – Buddhi Lal Magar
Background Music – Vinayak Shah
Sound design – Kiran Manandhar
Publicity design – Swapnil Acharya
Costume – Sushmita Sapkota
Art – Pasang Lama

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