PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie


PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie,PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie

Released: 2014
Catalog: Nepali
Country: Nepal
Rating: G
Genres: Drama / Romance
Starring: Jharana Thapa, R.L. Maharjan, Salina Bhandari, Sarika Lamichhane, Shujit Ruchal, Suman Singh, Sushil Pokhrel
Directed by: Ramji Lamichhane
Produced by: Rabi Acharya
Written by: Sushil Pokhrel
Cinematography by: Durga Poudel
Movie Synopsis: The movie ‘Premika’ is a presentation of Shuva Shanti Films. The movie ‘Premika’ was released on the Valentine Day of 2014. The movie went through the controversy when its poster was found to be an exact copy of a South Indian film. After the protest, the film makers re-designed the poster. The movie features the voices of Suny Sunam, Pratima Sunam, Manisha Pokharel, Dinesh Gautam and Prakash Timilsina in it’s songs. The music is composed by Dinesh Sunam, action by Roshan Shrestha, lyrics by Pramod Dhungana, cinematography of Durga Poudel, script by Sushil Pokharel and editing of Banish Shah.PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie,PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie,PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie,PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie,


PREMIKA Full Nepali Movie


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