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The movie ‘Stupid Man’ was released on October 25, 2014 and was liked by the viewers. The movie was one of the top 10 successful movies of the year 2071 BS. Nepali movie Stupid Mann The music director Arjun Pokharel was awarded the Best Music Director in NEFTA Films Award, 2015. The movie produced by Suva Films features the choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, editing of Dirgha Khadka, right direction by Astha Maharjan and screenplay by Samipya Raj Timilsina. The movie was fully shot in Thailand.Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann.

Jiwan Luitel – Jiwan is one of the top actors of current time. Apart from being a good actor, Jiwan also writes poems and he has recently released a poetry collection book. The biography and the list of Jiwan’s movie is being written.Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann

Niraj Baral – The actor Niraj had debuted as the producer by producing ‘Stupid Man.Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann, Nepali movie Stupid Mann,


Stupid Mann is love story film set in the backdrop of the Thailand. It’s an emotional journey of the four main characters where each character has to struggle to find their love. Abhi is among them who works in restaurant at Thailand & dedicated to fulfill his family obligation. Age of 28, Abhi is sincere & sentimental. One day he meets a girl named Asma & falls in love at the first sight. Asma is a medical student, age of 25 living with his father. When Abhi’s feeling for Asma in reach his zenith, he comes to know that Asma is a call girl. Abhi’s dream shatters. In the mean time Asma starts to give attention to him but now Abhi ignores Asma and so on.

Stupid man is a new love story movie between a nepali guy and a girl from Burma. In search of jobs, a nepali guy moves to Thailand where he meets the girl and falls in love with her. There is a growing trend in nepali cinema industry for new comers debuting in movies. Chandani sharma and Riju Shrestha are the addition to this trend. Mostly shot at Phuket, Thailand, this movie is all set to release on Bhadra 20, 2071 BS by completing its shooting in 35 days.

Tentative Released Date: September 05, 2014 [Bhadra 20, 2071] Postponed to October 24, 2014 [Kartik 07, 2071 BS]
Cast: Jeevan Luitel, Neeraj Baral, Chandani Sharma, Riju Shrestha, Martin Khan
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