Nepali Movie Hostel Full-HD


Hostel is 2013 teenage nepalese film directed by new director Hemraj Bc.[1] and produced by Sunil Rawal under Durgish Films banner. The film debuted second generation faces in the film industry .

The film stars new actors of Nepalese film industry like Anmol K.C.,[2] Gaurav Pahadi, Salon Basnet, Rista Basnet. This film also debuted model Prakreeti Shrestha as actress. The film is about the struggling life of teenagers in hostel.[3] It features love, betrayal, friendship,emotions, family ties and so on. ‘Hostel’ was released on August 30 in theaters all over Nepal. The movie is produced by Sunil Rawal under Durgish Films. The movie features the friendship of three characters played by Anmol KC, Salon Basnet and Gaurav Pahadi. Actresses Rista Basnet and Prakriti Shrestha are also featured in important characters in the movie.



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