Kabza Full Nepali Movie




Released: 2012
Catalog: Nepali
Country: Nepal
Rating: G
Runtime: 2 hours 01 minutes
Genres: Action / Drama
Starring: Biraj Bhatta, Krishna Bhatta, Raju Giri, Suvekchya Thapa
Directed by: Kedar Parajuli
Produced by: Dhupendra Bhagat
Written by: Sanjay Singh
Movie Synopsis: ‘Kabza’ is directed by Raju Giri and is released in 80 theaters all over Nepali. The movie is made on a story of two brothers. The movie features Biraj Batta, Suvekshya Thapa, Krishna Bhatta, Rajan Sedhai etc. Known to be one of the most controversial director, Raju Giri, hasn’t created any controversy in this movie. He has also appeared in the movie as an actor.


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