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HIFAJAT 2010 watch full nepali movie HD

Kirti (Rekha Thapa) is a spoilt brat who is estranged from her rich businessman father. She likes to create trouble in her college, but she is also a courageous and loving friend. When her father hires Arjun (Ayush Regmi), an ex-army tough-guy, to protect her, she rebels by making friends with Aryan (Aryan Sigdel), a charming thief with a secret of his own. But, Aryan’s secret motive results in a betrayal that leaves Kriti in danger. Arjun vows to take care of Kriti until she is reunited with the love of her life—Aryan. But, the road to true love is fraught with dangers, and many unexpected twists and turns, which ultimately challenge Kriti’s views on life and love.


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