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DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD


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DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD,DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD

Released: 2014
Catalog: Nepali
Country: Nepal
Rating: A
Runtime: 2 hours 06 minutes
Genres: Action / Romance
Starring: Avash Agrahari, Bina Thapa, Binita Ramtel, Karan Tulachan, Kishor Shrestha, Krishna Pandey, Pradeep Dhakal, Saruna Karki, Sushil Thapa
Directed by: Manish Panta
Produced by: Min Prasad Shrestha, Rohit Puri
Written by: Manish Panta
Music by: Bishal Humagai, Krishna Bhandari
Cinematography by: Manish Pantha
Movie Synopsis: Nepali movie ‘Divorce’ is a presentation of Shreenagar Films, Butwal by Manish Panth. The movie is rated ‘A’ (suitable for viewers 16 years and old) by the FDB Censor Board. The movie was released on April 4, 2014 is produced jointly by Rohit Puri and Min Prasad Shrestha. The movie features the action of Sanu Kumar Maharjan, editing by Roshan Lamichhane / Kiran Raj Thapa, music by Bishal Humagai / Krishna Bhandari, cinematography / script / choreography by the director Manish Pantha.DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD,DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD,DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD

DIVORCE Full Nepali Movie HD

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