Clinger full movie watch online


Clinger full movie watch online,Clinger full movie watch online

Directed by Michael Steves
Written by Gabi Chennisi Duncombe
Bubba Fish,Michael Steves
Starring Vincent Martella,Jennifer Laporte,Julia Aks

About Movie:Fern is a high school student with a problem, as her ex-boyfriend Robert has returned from the grave as a ghost. Their relationship wasn’t entirely a happy one, as Robert was clingy and smothered Fern, which led to their breakup. Fern initially tries to make things work, but quickly determines that a relationship between a ghost and a living person would not be successful, especially as she has begun to spend time with Harlan, a football player. After Robert subjects her and others to a series of supernatural attacks, Fern turns to her track coach Valeria, who doubles as a ghost hunter. Valeria gives her a series of tools that could help her get rid of Robert’s ghost, which includes pills that give her the ability to see ghosts, as previously she was only able to see Robert’s ghost. Fern is finally forced to tell Robert that she doesn’t think that the two of them can be together since she’s of the living, only for Robert to then change his tactics. Instead of trying to romance her, Robert has decided that the only way they can be together is to kill Fern so that their ghosts can be together.




Clinger full movie watch online

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